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A MORNING ON...HOW TO UNLOCK AND STIMULATE YOUR NATURAL CREATIVITY - (whether you think you’re ‘creative’ or not)

Edward De Bono said “Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way”. This session is all about how you can break out...

It’s been designed to help you unlock your own natural creativity, inspiring you to find fresh perspectives on work challenges and look at problem solving in new and different ways, whether you need to come up with winning ideas for clients or find solutions to team or business challenges.

We’ll look at demystifying ‘creativity’ and what it means for each of us. And we’ll focus on how certain creative habits & behaviours, like switching our everyday routines and inputs, being more curious and being more playful (amongst other things!) can help stimulate our creative minds.

 It’s a fast-paced, interactive session that uses peer-to-peer working and group exercises to bring our principles to life and make them relevant for any situation.  And there’ll be practical, personalised actions for you to take away.

 Here’s what people have said about the session:  

“Inspiring, impressive…” “The session was essentially a ‘disruptor’ for my work…”

“Practical tools to use in everyday life (not just work!)” “Incredibly useful…”

“I left feeling inspired…”


Any agency role or level, particularly those with an open, curious mind who’re happy to get involved and try something new!

 DATE: 5th September 2019

 TIME: 9.30am to 1pm

 VENUE:  TBC – Central London


 Shelford Chandler - As founding Creative Director of one of the UK’s largest independent marketing agencies, Shelford spent over 20 years working with famous FMCG and retail brands; Vodafone, Nestle, Mars, McDonald’s and Carlsberg to name a few.

 Now, as a creativity consultant, he helps organisations unlock and liberate the creative potential of their own people. Designing and facilitating creative workshops, helping diverse groups apply their creative energies to generate innovative ideas and solve business challenges. He also trains teams in the habits, tools and processes of effective creativity.

 COST: £250 – Member / £300 – Non Member

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