GreenJam: You’re The Client: But How Good Are Your Briefs? May 2018

GreenJam: You’re The Client: But How Good Are Your Briefs? May 2018


Member Only Event - Part of the monthly GreenJam Series

Sponsored By Mash Staffing

1st May 2018
5:30pm – 7:30pm

Venue: The Yorkshire Grey, 2 Theobald's Road, London WC1X 8PN

The quality of client briefing is so often placed under the microscope, but how good are you when the shoe’s on the other foot? Agency people are great at sweating the strategic issues and delivering in detail to answer the client but how much time and energy do you devote to providing clear briefs for your own suppliers in areas such as staffing and production? A client, supported by our senior panel, will showcase an example of a strong client brief to help you consider how spending more time on briefing and looking beyond a cost focus, to consider better quality, will deliver greater return on investment and impress clients.

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Member-Only Event

GreenJam is series of monthly events, that brings together MAA member agencies to share ideas, new ways of working, and inspiration. It creates a space for networking and the opportunity to learn and grow alongside others in similar roles. Guest speakers are invited to talk through the latest trends, challenges and opportunities.

Refreshments provided.

Aimed at

Everyone from Account Executive to Account Director level.

This event has been sponsored by Mash Staffing