Creative, Member Group, December 2018

Creative, Member Group, December 2018


This is a Member-Only Event

December 2018

6:30pm – 8:30pm

Venue: TBC

The Creative Mind
How does the brain impact on our creativity? Are we born creative or can we develop our brains to think that way? We invite neuropsychologist to discuss the creative mind and how we might tap into parts of the brain to enhance creativity. 

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Member-Only Group

The Creative Group meets twice a year, and aims to inspire innovation and creativity.

The group takes an open and flexible approach to the way the sessions run, from “an audience with style” to panel discussions and inspired visits to creative locations. The group, which will look at the latest trends, insights and ideas from within the sector and beyond, is an opportunity for agency Creative Directors and Heads to get together and discuss relevant issues, network and build knowledge.

All Member Groups provide the opportunity for members to have their say and share knowledge that can feed into the future direction of the MAA.

The agenda can be tailored to topics that are important to you. We will also invite external speakers to share their thoughts on and inspire creativity.

Aimed at

The group is aimed at Creative Directors and Heads.  

Lead by David Harris, Executive Creative Director, Gyro London

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