Inspirational Talk: De-mystifying AI – Trends, Tools & Skills for the next Wave of Marketing - May 2018

Inspirational Talk: De-mystifying AI – Trends, Tools & Skills for the next Wave of Marketing - May 2018

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31st May 2018

6.30pm – 7.30pm (drinks and nibbles + networking)

Venue: Exposure, 22-23 Little Portland St, London, W1W 8BU

Prices: FREE for Members, £10 for Non-Members

The MAA would like to invite you to our Inspirational Talk on Artificial Intelligence.

Our speaker Alex Flamant is an early stage investor at Notion Capital focusing on applied AI companies across Europe.

Artificial intelligence has been the hot business topic, including in marketing, for the past few years. From voice-operated companions to Alexa and Siri to understanding audience feedback in real time, AI will impact marketing, advertising, and ultimately brands relationship with consumers. Are we at peak-AI, or have we only started to get a glimpse at exciting future of AI driven marketing?

Join us on 29th March as we demystify AI, dive in to the trends that have enabled it, take a look at the tools at our disposal, and explore what skills need to be mastered for the next wave of marketing.

As a valued member, you receive complimentary tickets to this event so come along and join us to hear more from Alex on this exciting topic.

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About Alex Flamant

Alex is an investor at Notion focusing on early-stage vertical AI companies across Europe. He was born in Mexico, raised on the Web, studied in Montreal and moved to London five years ago. Prior to Notion he worked on IBM Watson's startup program, opening new markets from London to Tel-Aviv and working closely with early stage companies looking to change human machine interactions.

Outside of work, you can find him bringing AI communities together through events like London.AI and Paris.AI. He is also a big fan and supporter of CodeClub, a fantastic charity that teaches students 9-11 to code in afterschool programs.