The MAAG develops the skills and represents the interests of entrepreneurial & independent marketing agencies.  



We offer 47 Free Member Events per year

As a member of the MAAG why not contribute, learn from and network with peers at a diverse range of thought provoking groups. Our Member Groups are led by members for members, facilitated by the MAAG, and encourage you to have your say!

All Member Groups provide the opportunity for members to have their say and share knowledge that can feed into the future direction of the MAAG and the industry as a whole. MAAG prides itself on engaging everyone in its member agencies .

Our Member Group events are all shown below:

  • Talent Group 

  • Commercial Group 

  • New Business Group

  • Future Leaders

  • Diversity Group 

  • CEO Breakfasts

  • Creatives Group 

All Member Groups provide the opportunity for members to have their say and share knowledge that can feed into the future direction of the MAAG an the industry as a whole.

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Our annual events programme provides a hub for innovation, connectivity and debate. We have teamed up with thought leaders and beyond, to offer a cutting edge, inclusive and dynamic programme

This includes:

·       Inspirational Talks

·       Panel Discussions

·       Workshops

·       Industry Update Sessions

·       Speed Networking

All of our events are open to a wide range of individuals from across the sector, at different levels of experience, and provide the opportunity to learn, debate and be inspired, while connecting with others. MAAG Members receive priority access to all of our events.


The MAAG Learning & Development programme has been designed through consultation with our members, trainers and industry leaders, providing relevant and timely interventions to meet the changing needs of our industry. We provide comprehensive training for the entire organisation.

The Learning & Development programme includes:

• Half day workshops

• Full Day Courses

• Certifications

• Qualifications

• Bespoke Training

• Online Training

• Mental Health First Aid Champions (MHFA) – Certification

• The Diploma in Integrated Marketing


Our partnerships will help with your exposure to clients and develop new business skill sets across your organisations


MAAG is a partner of Oystercatchers the leading senior client and agency community. As part of our partnership MAAG Members can present on the Oystercatcher platform their latest work, thought leadership and be a part of industry discussion. The Oystercatchers Club is featured on Marketing Week that reaches 4,000 active client marketers per day, 400,000 unique visitors per month and 1.2M page views per month.

We partner and work closely with Globality to ensure agencies grow client connections. Globality is a platform that brings clients to the independent services sector through the latest search technology. We have direct contact with the Globality team in London and can fast track your application to their platform.


thenetworkone create virtual networks of agencies to respond to client global briefs. As a member of MAAG you can get access to membership of thenetworkone at half price.


JFDI runs a quarterly session for member agencies to provide help and education in building a successful new business operation.


We are on your side!

We work tirelessly to champion the work of the sector in order to protect and amplify the issues and challenges facing the industry.

The Debating Group

MAAG are partners with The Debating Group who have been holding debates in the House of Commons since 1975 to discuss the contentious political issues which surround marketing. As a sponsoring organisation we host debates at the House of Commons and bring our members, marketers, politicians, journalists and the public together.


Mental Health and Wellbeing is a subject that affects all industries. MAAG have an annual event called The Festival of Happiness which is part of MAAG’s Happiness Programme and takes place during Mental Health Awareness Week. This is a part of MAAG’s Happiness Agenda which consists of training and events throughout the year.

Member of Ad Association Council

As a key UK trade association, the MAAG are also members of the Ad Association. The Ad Association is the Group that brings together all the marketing trade groups to promote, protect and support their collective interests to Government and the population at large.  


MAAG are proud to have signed up to the Timeto Code and we are encouraging MAAG members to also do so, so together we can successfully put an end to sexual harassment in the Industry.


Legal Helpline

In partnership with Lee&Thompson we offer 30 minutes free full scale legal advice, including employment, contractual, IP.  Available per agency per month. 

Pitch Protection

Protecting your creativity is important.  We work with Lee&Thompson to provide Pitch Protection to deter clients from stealing your ideas.


We leverage collective agency buying power so member agencies can benefit from better prices delivering significant cost saving. See our example list of offers

Monthly Newsletter

A monthly newsletter containing news, views and member profiles.