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Agency Selector

Welcome to the Agency Selector, the MAA's agency search & selection service to help clients find the perfect agencies.

The MAA Agency Selector Service can help you find your perfect client-agency relationship. Whatever your brief, whatever campaign you want to run; our Service is a time saving, highly confidential and professional way to shortlist and select the right agency for you.

Why Choose the MAA Agency Selector?

5 reasons to choose the MAA to handle your agency review:

  • We're a trade association, so the MAA agency selector is built on industry best practice.
  • It draws from membership agencies that have all been vetted and policed.
  • Being a 'not for profit' organisation means that we are able to offer the same great service as commercial intermediaries but at a significantly cheaper price.
  • Our Match, Meet and Pitch breakdown also lets you, as the client, choose which services you would benefit from.
  • Patrick, our head of agency selector is vastly experienced and has worked on numerous high profile accounts.

Working with the MAA helped us to enhance our pitch process, and further develop the working relationship between Marketing and Procurement. Having the MAA in attendance at all pitches enabled another pair of impartial eyes to refer to - particularly helpful where there were two incumbents pitching.

Martin Stead
| Retail Brand Director, EDF Energy

Patrick Woods, Director of Member Activation

Patrick Woods

You may well have met Patrick already as he has over 14 years experience of working with brands while in marketing roles at ISBA, British Gas and COI. His experience includes building marketing strategies, managing brands and delivering consistent communications across all channels. During his time at ISBA, Patrick advised senior advertisers (both marketing and marketing procurement) on everything BTL, integrated and digital including structuring their organisation to be fit for the future, through to supporting and coaching them in their search for new agencies to meet their changing marketing needs. Brands Patrick worked with included Coca Cola, Unilever, BSkyB, Bacardi, British Gas, Skoda, Audi, LandRover, Nokia, Sony, Molson Coors, Carlsberg, L’Oreal.

Contact Patrick: 020 7535 3550 or

We offer 4 tiers of service:

Online Agency Selector

An online search of MAA Member Agencies based on turnover, location, disciplines and/or sector experience.

Online Agency Selector




For clients who want to manage the majority of the review process themselves, but require a shortlist of appropriate agencies and tailored credentials obtained from them.

This is the first stage of the selection process, designed for clients who want to manage the majority of the review process themselves, but want to engage the MAA to produce a shortlist of appropriate agencies and obtain tailored credentials from them.

How does it work?

  1. You complete a questionnaire, which will allow us to consider which agencies we should initially shortlist for you.
  2. Using this information, but maintaining client confidentiality, the consultant will then contact these agencies and arrange for tailored credentials to be produced and delivered to our offices.
  3. You can then view these presentations at our offices and a consultant will be available to answer any questions you may have about the submissions or the agencies.
  4. The consultant will have already developed a bespoke evaluation form for you to complete for each agency. This will help you score each submission objectively and keep you focused on the key areas you wished to consider in your original brief.
  5. If you require any further information from the agencies, the consultant will contact them on your behalf.
  6. You are free to take away any submissions if you wish.
  7. Finally, we can help you set up and manage chemistry meetings with the agencies you've selected. Should you decide to proceed without the MAA's assistance, we will be happy to offer you a few pointers about how best to proceed.


The next stage of the Agency Selector process is to Meet suitable agencies.


Designed to guide you through the chemistry meetings: helping you to develop a brief for the meeting itself, consider what you actually want to get from the meeting, how to ask the right questions and, more importantly, how to evaluate which agencies to invite to pitch.

The next tier of service is designed to guide you through the chemistry meetings: helping you to develop a brief for the meeting itself, consider what you actually want to get from the meeting, how to ask the right questions and, more importantly, how to evaluate which agencies to invite to pitch. The MAA Consultant will help you; develop the brief, take care of all the logistics, set out evaluation criteria, accompany you to all the meetings and handle the debriefing process.

How does it work?

We will help you define a brief for the chemistry meeting. Typically a chemistry meeting should cover:

  • An introduction to the team you would work with if the agency was successful in winning the pitch
  • An introduction to the agency
  • An explanation of their relevant experience with selected case studies.

We also recommend that, prior to the chemistry meeting, you set the agencies a question to respond to. This could be their view of your market and the issues it faces, an element of the pitch brief itself, or any other appropriate question that our consultant will help you formulate. This is not designed to 'catch the agency out' but to discover how knowledgeable the agency is about your industry. It also acts as a good benchmark for seeing how eager they are to acquire your business. Finally our consultants will develop an evaluation form for you prior to attending these meetings so that you will be able to objectively benchmark one agency against another. Of course, you will ultimately want to end up working with an agency you feel is closely aligned to your team, your ethics and your working philosophy, so the comment 'a great bunch of people' will not be inappropriate on your evaluation form!

The next stage of Agency Selector is to ask the suitable agencies to pitch for your business.


The forth level of service takes clients right through the pitch stage, from brief writing, Q&A and work in progress sessions through to the pitch presentations. The MAA Consultant will help guide you through all evaluation and advise how to move forward to an agency appointment.

The final part of the service guides clients from pitch briefing through to pitch presentation. The MAA Consultant will accompany the client all meetings and be on hand to answer any questions and provide guidance on best practice.

How does it work?

  1. The consultants will help you review your pitch brief or, if required, will aid the development of one. The pitch brief should be a detailed document regarding the issues affecting your business and what objectives the agency should be solving. It may also include research documents or other supporting information.
  2. The Consultant will be responsible for all meeting logistics.
  3. At the briefing stage, the agencies should be given the opportunity to have an interim discussion session with you - to challenge the brief or ask questions regarding their initial thinking. The consultant will be available for these Q&A sessions.
  4. Prior to the pitch, the consultant will work closely with you to develop an evaluation document so you can objectively benchmark the agencies against each other.
  5. Next, the pitch. During the pitch, the consultant will be on hand to evaluate the pitch itself.
  6. Following the pitches, the consultant will notify both the winning as well as the unsuccessful agencies and accompany the client with any face to face debriefings.


The review process, which was handled by the MAA's Agency Selector was seamless and enabled us to clearly differentiate between the agencies.

Claire Parker | Marketing Director, Hammonds

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Our 4 Tiers of Service

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