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Pitch Watchdog

Pitch Watchdog is a confidential service that enables agencies to report both negative and positive experiences with client pitches.

Pitch Watch logo finalPitch Watchdog provides a safe space to talk about good and bad cases of client practice in pitching.

We launched Pitch Watchdog after listening to the concerns of our member agencies but the platform is also open to non-members who wish to report pitch experience.

Agencies have the option to provide information on the form below in conditions of strict anonymity if they wish or call the Pitch Watchdog line on 020 7535 3554.  This information will help us to identify specific and general concerns with the pitch process. We’ll then be in a stronger position to protect agencies from bad practice and shine a light on great practice.  The MAA will work more closely with clients, procurement and agencies to improve the pitch process where necessary.

Pitch Watchdog is part of a wider programme of MAA activity around pitching and procurement that also includes quarterly sessions with client and procurement professionals.

You can also email Pitch Watchdog: or
or call the MAA Pitch Watchdog line on 020 7535 3554.

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Details (please include as much detail as possible, including the details of any other agencies involved or procurement/new business intermediaries, also include whether you give the MAA permission to contact you in connection with this pitch information):
You will not be contacted by the MAA unless you give your permission and contact details.

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