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Client: Heineken UK

Disciplines: Live Brand Experience

Sectors: Alcohol

Heineken Taste Tours

Who doesn’t like a free drink? The trouble is we all have different tastes. Wouldn’t it make more sense to offer consumers a choice of samples? We couldn’t agree more.

The Client

HEINEKEN is the UK's leading cider and beer producer and the name behind iconic drinks brands such as Strongbow, Bulmers, Heineken®, Foster's, Kronenbourg 1664 and Desperados, together with a full range of speciality brands.

From its ground breaking inception, our work with Heineken has remained an industry leading example of engaging, targetted, high-volume sampling.”

Anna Bradshaw, Business Director | BEcause

The Challenge

For over 10 years, we’ve helped millions of people try and buy more Heineken brands through creative sampling campaigns. And we’ve done it by talking with people, not at them.

The Strategy

Over many years we pioneered mass-scale, multi-brand bar sampling. By chatting to consumers in 700 venues a night and offering a choice of Heineken brands, we matched individual products to personal taste preferences. How refreshing.

The Solution

Experiential, Shopper and Retail Activation, Communications, Digital and Social

The Results

7.5M samples
72M word of mouth
12M conversion to purchase

Changing people’s drinking preferences isn’t easy. But with the right product served in the right way, by the right person, at the right time, the results can be very tasty indeed.

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