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Agencies wanted for second wave of Digify UK

Marketing agencies have the chance to participate in the second Digify UK programme, which starts in July.

Digify UK is a new internship programme that was launched in January by MAA member agency Livity with backing from the MAA and Google. It offers digital marketing skills development to ten young people.

Created to address lack of diversity and the digital skills gap, Digify provides an initial two-month skills accelerator, based at Livity’s London office. This is designed to prepare the 10 smart youngsters for roles in the digital work place. 

Following two months of practical experience, ‘Digifiers’ will start in their matched agency, bringing their range of skills and fresh creative perspectives to an account management, digital content, or social media role.

The first group of Digifiers have completed their initial two months of training and are now working in their various jobs at different agencies.

Hugh Robertson, the founder of RPM and joint chair of diversity for the MAA, said:

There’s absolutely no doubt that this is exactly what our industry needs more of: bright, inquisitive, interested, knowledgeable, engaging and ambitious individuals whom we may well have missed out on but who I am convinced will have an impact in our respective agencies and the wider industry.

For more information about participating in Digify click here.

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